Some companies offer every service imaginable -

We offer what works!

So, what is working today? Text Media...All Text Media - Paid search, content ad placement, organic search, and social media are the 4 primary areas delivering reliable direct-response results today. Coincidentally (well, not really), IDC Networks has extensive expertise in each of these Internet mediums. In short - we understand and can execute Text Media plans across the Internet.

Paid Search

IDC creates and manages fully integrated, performance-based search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns. PPC campaigns are essential to maximize your reach, growth and expansion online. We have been doing PPC since the turn of the Century (yeah, roughly 10 years). We know this stuff.

Content Ad Placements

See Paid Search above. The secret here is adjusting costs and tailoring ad campaigns, but the premise remains the same...solid Text Ad development, tracking, reaction. We know this stuff.

Organic Search

Based on how well our Paid Search efforts go with your company ... or ... frankly, how much additional money you pay us, we build content-rich Search Engine Optimized (SEO) sites to deliver customers via "free listings" on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other web search results. We are experts in the SEO field yet save this skill for clients who have an understanding that results are not guaranteed. Strategy and implementation combined with skill, good content, and time pay off for the best companies.

In Short

We know Text Media. We deliver results. See how we can Work Together.