Ok, I am ready, let's go - Hold It! Make sure you qualify.

What? Qualify, are you kidding me? Not unless you are ready to pre-pay (which we rarely ever do) us big cash. We forgot to mention 1 KEY piece of the puzzle. We work on a preformance-based compensation structure. What does this mean? You (or We actually) determine the "marketing value" your company places on a new customer, order, lead or action - Acquisition Metric - and we work to deliver as many acquisitions at that pre-agreed metric. So, we need you to be serious in determining what you can pay and we will be serious back on whether that works on not. To assist, we will show some examples...

EX 1: You sell Christmas Wreaths and gross margins are 65%. Average sale price is $100. OK, so you make $65 gross on a new order. 30% of Retail sounds like a fair commission. So, we would make $30 on every sale, you would keep $70 - $35 of which goes to pay for product and $35 for overhead and profit. This is called a 30% commission or revenue share.

EX 2: You sell health insurance. You make $100 per new customer. You decide to pay a flat-fee of $50 for a new customer. You keep $50, we get $50 on every customer we deliver to you via the Internet. This is a flat-fee commission of $50.

Need an example specific to your business, no problem - Contact Us.